36Pcs LED Moving Head Wash Light

$1,360.00 $1,288.00

Power: 150W
Lamp beads: 36 3W lamp beads (8 red, 10 green,
Blue 10, White 8)
Control: standard DMX512 channels 9/12
Built-in microphone voice effect to achieve


Power: 150W
Lamp beads: 36 3W lamp beads (8 red, 10 green,
Blue 10, White 8)
Control: standard DMX512 channels 9/12
Built-in microphone voice effect to achieve
Operate independently and with the master-slave function
Color: The Promise color effect
Strobe effect 1-10 times / sec
0-100% dimming precise
Movement: 540 degrees horizontal and 280 degrees vertical
Horizontal and vertical movement of 16-bit fine-tuning
Horizontal and vertical movement speed adjustment


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